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Our visit from Safari Stu

By Cherry Class, in Year 1 - Thursday, 17 September 2020

Last week, a man called Safari Stu came to visit with lots of exciting boxes. We couldn't wait to see what animals were inside. 

He brought a: snake, chameleon, tenrec, skunk, tortoise, hissing cockroach, stick insect and a lizard.

We listened to lots of facts about animals and we even got to hold or stroke all of them. 


Here is what we thought of our very special day: 

"We held snakes around our necks." 

"We thought the tenrec was going to be spikey, but he weren't!"

"The skunk had his scent removed."

"The chameleon was so tickly." 

"They were all cute and soft."

"We were so brave!" 


We had a brilliantly amazing day!