For Your Information

It has been great to see all the children back at school! 

For the latest information about the special arrangements for this term, please read our FAQs.

For informaton about when to keep your child at home, please see our COVID-19 pupil absence guide

Celebrating Black History!

We learnt so much in our Black History Month assembly today!


Each year group gave a presentation on an aspect of Black history that they have been investigating:

Nursery & Reception – Mo Farrah, World Class Runner

Year 1 – Muhammed Ali, World Champion Boxer

Year 2 – Bristol Bus Boycott 1963

Year 3 – Mary Seacole

Year 4 – Black History at the time of The Romans

Year 5 – Discrimination and perseverance in politics: Nelson Mandela

Year 6 – The Windrush Scandal


Miss Bridge also explained to us about the inspirational grime artist, Stormzy and how he has provided scholarships for Black young people to get into Cambridge University.

A Special Harvest Festival Assembly!

We just had a lovely Harvest Assembly!

We all gathered together to celebrate this special time of year, saying thank you for all the good food and gifts we have in our lives. 

Pastor Andy Ginn from Bunyan Baptist joined us and talked to us about how we can 'grow in kindness', by sharing with others. 

This year, we weren't able to bring in gifts of food like we normally do and deliver parcels out to local elderly people. So we have set up a donation page for Age Concern Stevenage and Lorna joined our assembly us to tell us all about the work Age Concern are doing. We all stood up and gave them a clap for everything they do!

If you are able, please click on the link below to make a donation, however small, to the charity.

CLICK HERE! Age Concern Stevenage Donation Page

We need books!

We have a new library area in the Upper Building for Years 4, 5 and 6!

To improve and update our library, we are in need of some new books such as recent releases, titles from popular series as well as a wider range of genres. Due to Covid-19, we have missed out on several fundraising events which we usually host at Fairlands, such as the school fete and Halloween disco etc, which means that we are lacking funds to purchase more books.  

Therefore, we have set up an Amazon Wishlist of books, which we would love to stock in our library. Please take a look and if you are able to purchase a book from the Wishlist for us we would be extremely grateful. If you do purchase a book for us, our school address should automatically appear as an option in your online basket.

Thank you for your continued support.

Thinking about my rights... and your rights!

Our value for October is the value of being rights-respecting.

We will be thinking about what a right is, and making sure we understand our own rights, and those of others.

We will talk about the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, and every child's right to 






We will talk about what happens when different rights are in conflict and the importance of showing respecting, understanding and tolerance.

New term, new value...

It has been great to see all the children back at school today! Thank you to everyone for making the return to school such a success!


This term, we are all thinking about the value of Responsibility. We will be talking about how to show we can be responsible, by: 

- Following rules

- Being in charge of doing something

- Looking after things

- Taking responsibility for our own actions and choices

At home, why not agree a new responsibility that your child can have?

Thank you Fairlands!

Well! Here we are at the end of what has possibly been the most unusual academic year in the history of Fairlands!

I want to take this opportunity to say some enormous thank yous...

... to all the parents & carers, who have been so supportive through everything, including rising to the challenge of home learning!

... to all the staff, who have shown such commitment and resilience and kept going, and going and going!

... to all our governors, who have supported the headship team wonderfully and helped us make sense of the hundreds of pages of government guidance!

... and last but not least, to all the children, both those at home and those at school, who have followed loads of new rules without complaining, shown such positivity and kept big smiles on their faces the whole way!


Have a fantastic, safe summer. We can't wait to see everyone BACK TOGETHER again in September!