For Your Information
We are now accepting NURSERY APPLICATIONS for September 2020. We offer up to 35 hours free nursery childcare. For details on how to apply for a NURSERY or RECEPTION to YEAR 6 place, please click above on 'Our School' then 'Admissions'.


Headship Team

Mr Robert Staples - Headteacher

Mrs Suzie Pilgrim - Deputy Headteacher Lower Phase

Miss Emma Verlander - Deputy Headteacher Middle Phase and SENCo

Miss Michelle Bridge - Deputy Headteacher Upper Phase

Mrs Jo Wibberley-Young - School Business Manager


Lower Phase


Acorns - Miss Shannon Kavanagh

Conkers - Mrs Tarryn Miller



Ash - Miss Holly Vale

Beech - Miss Rochelle Free

Birch - Mrs Jennifer Williams & Ms Sarah-Jane Pratten


Year 1

Cedar - Mrs Suzanne Edwards

Cherry - Mrs Kaye Simmons

Chestnut - Mrs Ruth Harnett & Mrs Ruth Day



Mrs Sandra Johnson - Nursery Nurse

Mrs Gail Dendy - HLTA / PPA Cover

Mrs Jackie Gray - Teaching Assistant PPA Cover

Mrs Wendy Glenister - Teaching Assistant Cover Supervisor

Miss Kery Gould - Teaching Assistant Cover Supervisor

Ms Sam Walsh - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Rosemary Biggs - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Sukhveer Kandola - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Joanne Wilks - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Claire Muggleton - Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Lisa Matthews - Teaching Assistant

Miss Tate Thomas - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Louise Craig - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Hannah Hudson - Teaching Assistant

Miss Samantha Perry - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Louise Allen - Teaching Assistant

Miss Stacey Maguire - 1-1 Teaching Assistant

Miss Kelsey McQuillan - 1-1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Kelly Barkley - Teaching Assistant

Miss Holly Crawford - 1-1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Claire Morris - 1-1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Sandra O'Connell - 1-1 Teaching Assistant

Miss Tina Gribbin - Inclusion Assistant

Mrs Sarah Dunne - Speech & Language Therapist

Mrs Gaye Holloran - Speech & Language Communication Assistant


Middle Phase

Year 2

Elder - Mrs Jessica Mclean

Elm - Mr William Barnett

Fir - Miss Katherine Wooster


Year 3

Hazel - Mrs Katie Kirby

Hornbeam - Mrs Karen Herron

Holly - Miss Katy Newman



Mrs Jackie Gray - Teaching Assistant PPA Cover

Mrs Nicola Payne - Teaching Assistant Cover Supervisor

Mrs Rosemary Biggs - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Karen Oakley - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Laura Luhman - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Laura Bullock - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Melissa Skelton - Teaching Assistant

Miss Kathleen Larty - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Mandy Glindon - 1-1 Teaching Assistant

Miss Natasha Smith - 1-1 Teaching Assistant

Miss Tina Gribbin - Inclusion Assistant

Mrs Louise Knight - Inclusion Support


Upper Phase

Year 4

Lime - Mr Ben Tweeddell

Laburnum - Miss Ella Tyrrell

Larch - Mr Joseph Hamilton


Year 5

Pine: Mrs Julie Jeffries

Poplar: Mr Chris Holgate

Spruce: Mrs Jo Marlow & Mrs Andrea Southam


Year 6 

Willow: Miss Victoria Hodgson

Walnut: Miss Kim Ferguson

Whitebeam: Ms Lucy Hilton



Miss Jessica Mead - Teaching Assistant PPA Cover 

Mrs Sarah Lewis - Teaching Assistant Cover Supervisor

Ms Lyn Taylor - Teaching Assistant Cover Supervisor

Mrs Lavinia Clarry - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Kelly East - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Linda Bainbridge - Teaching Assistant

Miss Jasmin Valenzuela-Ruz - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Emma Whitehair - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Gemma Keogh - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Lisa Goddard - Teaching Assistant

Miss Samantha Kirton - 1-1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Nicola Heaps - 1-1 Teaching Assistant

Miss Amy Day - 1-1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Sarah Totman - Inclusion Assistant

Miss Michelle Malcolm - Inclusion Support

Miss Serina Paterson - Inclusion Support


Additional Teachers

Mrs Natalie Johnson

Miss Georgia Sharp

Mrs Erin Toll 

Mrs Nicola Fleck (Maternity leave)

Miss Sarah Pollen (Maternity leave)


Sports Coach

Mr Jake Exton - Sports Coach


Office Staff

Mrs Julie Dunthorne - Admissions and Attendance Manager

Mrs Valerie Sandover - Finance and HR Manager

Mrs Rosie Reeve - Finance and HR Assistant

Mrs Kerry Baker - Office Manager

Mrs Cheryl Wilson - Lettings and Events Manager / Office Manager (Lower Site) 

Mrs Rani Uppal - Receptionist & Admin Assistant


Site Management

Mr Andy Sharp - Site Manager

Mr Steve Skinner - Premises Assistant 

Extended Provision

Ms Wendy Glenister - Breakfast Club Manager / Lower After School Club Manager

Mrs Pamela Jones - Breakfast Club Assistant

Miss Tate Thomas - Breakfast Club Assistant

Mrs Kelly Barkley - Breakfast Club Assistant / After School Club Assistant 


Midday Supervisory Assistants

Mrs Sandra Bull - Dining Room Manager

Mr John Ansell

Mrs Kelly Barkley

Mrs Tanya Carter

Mrs Sarah Harrison

Mrs Chantal Henry

Miss Louise Hewer

Miss Shanaz Islam

Mrs Maryam Kelani

Mr Aron Kitching

Mrs Fatima Latif

Miss Keri Lohan

Miss Kelsey McQuillan

Mrs Beryl Morgan

Mrs Claire Morris

Mrs Debbie Perry

Mrs Barbara Poole-Taberner

Miss Leanne Seville

Miss Georgina Tyler



There are currently vacancies for the following roles:

After School Club Manager

After School Club Assistant

Teaching Assistant/Cover Supervisor (H4)

Please visit Teach in Herts for more information.