For Your Information
We are now accepting NURSERY APPLICATIONS for September 2020. We offer up to 35 hours free nursery childcare. For details on how to apply for a NURSERY or RECEPTION to YEAR 6 place, please click above on 'Our School' then 'Admissions'.


Headship Team

Mr Robert Staples - Headteacher

Mrs Suzie Pilgrim - Deputy Headteacher Lower Phase

Miss Emma Verlander - Deputy Headteacher Middle Phase and SENDCo

Miss Michelle Bridge - Deputy Headteacher Upper Phase

Mrs Jo Wibberley-Young - School Business Manager


Lower Phase


Acorns - Miss Shannon Kavanagh

Conkers - Mrs Tarryn Miller



Ash - Miss Holly Vale

Beech - Miss Rochelle Free

Birch - Ms Sarah-Jane Pratten & Mrs Jennifer Williams (Senior Teacher)  


Year 1

Cedar - Mrs Suzanne Edwards

Cherry - Mrs Kaye Simmons

Chestnut - Mrs Ruth Harnett & Mrs Ruth Day (Senior Teacher)



Mrs Sandra Johnson - Nursery Nurse

Mrs Gail Dendy - HLTA / PPA Cover

Mrs Jackie Gray - Teaching Assistant PPA Cover

Ms Wendy Glenister - Teaching Assistant Cover Supervisor

Miss Kerry Gould - Teaching Assistant Cover Supervisor

Ms Sam Walsh - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Rosemary Biggs - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Sukhveer Kandola - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Joanne Wilks - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Claire Muggleton - Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Lisa Matthews - Teaching Assistant

Miss Tate Thomas - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Louise Craig - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Hannah Hudson - Teaching Assistant

Miss Samantha Perry - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Louise Allen - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Kelly Barkley - Teaching Assistant

Miss Stacey Maguire - 1-1 Teaching Assistant / MSA

Miss Kelsey McQuillan - 1-1 Teaching Assistant / MSA

Miss Holly Crawford - 1-1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Claire Morris - 1-1 Teaching Assistant / MSA

Mrs Sandra O'Connell - 1-1 Teaching Assistant

Miss Shanaz Islam - 1-1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Elena Butacu - 1-1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Emma Wells - 1-1 Teaching Assistant

Miss Tina Gribbin - Inclusion Assistant

Mrs Sarah Dunne - Speech & Language Therapist

Mrs Gaye Holloran - Speech & Language Communication Assistant

Mrs Donna Hitchcock - MSA

Mrs Maryam Kelani - MSA

Mr Aron Kitching - MSA

Mrs Debra Lane - MSA

Mrs Fatima Latif - MSA

Mrs Barbara Poole-Taberner - MSA

Miss Gemma Stuart - MSA


Middle Phase

Year 2

Elder - Mrs Jessica Mclean (Senior Teacher)

Elm - Mr William Barnett

Fir - Miss Katherine Wooster


Year 3

Hazel - Mrs Katie Kirby

Holly - Miss Katy Newman

Hornbeam - Mrs Karen Herron


Additional teacher - Mrs Natalie Johnson



Mrs Jackie Gray - Teaching Assistant PPA Cover

Miss Sophie Routhledge - Teaching Assistant Cover Supervisor

Mrs Nicola Payne - Teaching Assistant Cover Supervisor

Mrs Rosemary Biggs - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Karen Oakley - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Laura Luhman - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Laura Bullock - Teaching Assistant / 1-1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Melissa Skelton - Teaching Assistant

Miss Kathleen Larty - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Mandy Glindon - 1-1 Teaching Assistant

Miss Natasha Smith - 1-1 Teaching Assistant

Miss Tina Gribbin - Inclusion Assistant

Mrs Louise Knight - Inclusion Support

Mrs Kelly Barkley - MSA

Miss Amy Day - MSA (Maternity Leave)

Miss Keri Lohan - MSA

Miss Petra Stanzione - MSA

Miss Leanne Seville - MSA


Upper Phase

Year 4

Laburnum - Miss Ella Tyrrell

Larch - Mr Joseph Hamilton

Lime - Mr Ben Tweeddell (Senior Teacher)


Year 5

Pine: Mrs Julie Jeffries

Poplar: Mr Chris Holgate (Senior Teacher)

Spruce: Mrs Jo Marlow & Mrs Andrea Southam


Year 6 

Walnut: Miss Kim Ferguson (Senior Teacher)

Willow: Miss Victoria Hodgson

Whitebeam: Ms Lucy Hilton


Additional teacher - Miss Georgia Sharp



Miss Jessica Mead - Teaching Assistant PPA Cover 

Mrs Sarah Lewis - Teaching Assistant Cover Supervisor

Miss Alice Ringer - Teaching Assistant Cover Supervisor

Mrs Lavinia Clarry - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Kelly East - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Linda Bainbridge - Teaching Assistant

Miss Jasmin Valenzuela-Ruz - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Emma Whitehair - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Gemma Keogh - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Lisa Goddard - 1-1 Teaching Assistant

Miss Samantha Kirton - 1-1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Nicola Heaps - 1-1 Teaching Assistant

Miss Amy Day - 1-1 Teaching Assistant (Maternity leave)

Miss Michelle Malcolm - Inclusion Support

Miss Serina Paterson - Inclusion Support

Mrs Chantal Henry - MSA

Miss Louise Hewer - MSA

Miss Shanaz Islam - MSA

Mrs Beryl Morgan - MSA

Mrs Debbie Perry - MSA

Miss Georgina Tyler - MSA


Additional Teachers

Mrs Erin Toll (Maternity leave)

Mrs Nicola Fleck (Maternity leave)

Miss Sarah Pollen (Maternity leave)


Sports Coach

Mr Jake Exton - Sports Coach


Office Staff

Mrs Julie Dunthorne - Admissions and Attendance Manager

Mrs Valerie Sandover - Finance and HR Manager

Mrs Rosie Reeve - Finance and HR Assistant

Mrs Kerry Baker - Office Manager

Mrs Cheryl Wilson - Lettings and Events Manager / Office Manager (Lower Site) 

Mrs Rani Uppal - Receptionist and Admin Assistant


Site Management

Mr Andy Sharp - Site Manager

Mr Steve Skinner - Premises Assistant 


Extended Provision

Ms Wendy Glenister - Breakfast Club Manager / Lower After School Club Manager

Mrs Gail Dendy - Upper After School Club Manager

Mrs Pamela Jones - Breakfast Club Assistant

Miss Tate Thomas - Breakfast Club Assistant

Mrs Kelly Barkley - Breakfast Club Assistant / After School Club Assistant 

Mrs Joanne Wilks - After School Club Assistant

Miss Gemma Stuart - After School Club Assistant

Miss Alice Ringer - After School Club Assistant

Miss Jessica Mead - After School Club Assistant

Miss Jasmin Valenzuela-Ruz - After School Club Assistant


Dining Room Assistants 

Mrs Sandra Bull - Dining Room Manager

Mr John Ansell

Mrs Tanya Carter

Mrs Sarah Harrison



There are currently vacancies for the following roles:

Deputy Headteacher - Lower Phase (from April 2020)


Please visit Teach in Herts for more information.