For Your Information

It has been great to see all the children back at school! 

For the latest information about the special arrangements for this term, please read our FAQs.

For informaton about when to keep your child at home, please see our COVID-19 pupil absence guide

School Uniform

You can purchase our school uniform from any of the following three suppliers. Click on their logo to visit the websites. We keep samples of different sizes in the school office, so feel free to pop in, any time, to try them out on your child!


Your School Uniform Ltd supplies our official embroidered schoolwear, as well as schoolwear such as trousers, skirts, sportswear and many more items. Your School Uniform offer a 'collect from school service'.  Please ask in the office for delivery dates.  Buying your school uniform has never been easier!

If you can't easily accept parcel deliveries at home or would prefer the east of having your orders delivered to school, you can use this company's 'collect from school' service.


My Clothing Limited is the UK’s largest provider of school wear and supplies our official embroidered schoolwear. With access to the finest school wear manufacturers, they produce branded uniform from a varied and large range of high-quality garments. 

My Clothing Limited is becoming well known for its fast and efficient delivery and is constantly looking to find new, innovative ways to expand their offering in order for schools and parents to have a convenient one stop shop. They pride themselves on delivering the best easy to order service at affordable prices.

Smarty Schoolwear sell quality tailored uniforms and sportswear via their online site or you can visit their store, which is based in Stevenage town centre. They have been supplying tailored school uniforms for over 30 years. All their uniforms are designed to the highest specifications and quality and supplied using renowned efficient customer service. They keep their prices very competitive and have stock of all uniforms throughout the year.


Our School Policy


All children are strongly encouraged to wear school uniform:


white shirt/polo shirt

grey tailored skirt/trousers/shorts

navy school sweatshirt, navy school cardigan OR plain navy jumper, sweatshirt or cardigan

plain navy, grey or black tights; or white, black or grey socks

black shoes, plain black trainers, sandals or boots

In the summer, a summer dress with blue and white checks or stripes.


Other Uniform Issues


Children in the Foundation Stage may wear plain, navy blue jogging bottoms.

All items of clothing should be named

We are not responsible for any lost school uniform.

Hair styles and colours must be smart and appropriate.

Long hair must be tied back with a simple hair band.


PE Kit / Swimming kit 


Shorts – plain navy

Tops – plain white or navy

Footwear inside – bare feet

Footwear outside – trainers that can be fastened

Winter kit – plain sweatshirt and jogging bottoms

During PE lessons all children will be asked to remove wrist watches and remove/cover their earrings. All classes will have a roll of tape to cover studs during PE lessons.

Swimming - swimming costume or trunks and towel. Bermuda shorts / bikinis may NOT be worn, as requested by the pool managers.

Children with long hair must tie it back with a hair band or wear a swimming hat.


Jewellery & Make-up


We do not allow any jewellery in school except for wristwatches and one set of small, simple stud earrings.

Children wearing any earrings other than small, simple studs will be asked to remove them or cover them.

Earrings should be put in envelopes that are available from the school office. They should be collected from the school office at the end of the day.

Children are not allowed to wear make-up to school. Please make every effort to remove any make-up, nail polish or temporary tattoos if your child has been to a party at the weekend.

Mobile phones should not be brought into school. Any brought by mistake should be handed into the School Office for safekeeping and collected by the child at the end of the day.