Ofsted Report

Ofsted inspects and regulates care for children and young people, and inspects education and training for learners of all ages.

Primary schools are usually inspected by Ofsted at least once every three years. The team of inspectors spends no longer than two days in the school gathering evidence, including observing lessons and speaking to teachers and pupils, to report on how well the school is performing. A school normally receives about half a day's notice of its inspection.

Read our latest Ofsted Report: October 2012





School leaders have established a culture of high expectations and a positive climate for learning in which pupils achieve well, both academically and personally.


The relentless drive by senior leaders to improve teaching has been successful.


The quality of teaching has improved, with most being good and an increasing proportion being outstanding.


Most teachers plan interesting activities that capture pupils’ interest and inspire them to work hard.


The Early Years Foundation Stage provides a calm, nurturing environment... They make good and sometimes outstanding progress by the time they enter Year 1.


Skilled teaching assistants provide targeted support, often on a one-to-one basis.


Governors provide good support and challenge to school leaders, particularly regarding pupils’ achievement and the quality of teaching.


Staff implement the school’s behaviour policy consistently and pupils feel safe and they behave well.