For Your Information
Good news! The gas leak is fixed and the whole school will be open as usual tomorrow (Monday) !

Gas Leak - final update

We are pleased to inform you that the gas leak is now all fixed and the heating is back on.

The whole school will be open on Monday as usual - normal hot lunches will be served and please send your children in normal school uniform please!

Gas Leak - Update 2

We anticipate that the repairs to the gas supply in the Upper Building will be completed today (Saturday). There have been complications during the week as the repair involved relocating the old gas meter. Many thanks to Mrs Glenister who has been on site to liaise with the contractors during the half term holiday!

If there are further unforeseen delays to the repair work over the weekend, please note that the school WILL STILL BE OPEN as usual on Monday. There would be no heating, and we may have to declare a non-school uniform day, so the children can wrap up extra warm. We would not be able to serve hot school meals, so we would provide a packed lunch alternative. 

Please check back here for an update on Sunday evening.

Gas Leak - Update 1

Due to a confirmed gas leak, the school has closed today.

I can confirm that the gas has now been cut off to the upper building and the site made safe. Ongoing works are being undertaken to rectify the source of the problem as soon as possible, and we anticipate the school reopening after the half term holiday. 

As the children were unable to access the upper building during the evacuation, many of them have left personal belongings behind, such as coats and packed lunch boxes. THE SCHOOL WILL BE PARTLY ACCESSIBLE ON SATURDAY to collect these belongings, BETWEEN 9 and 11am. Please come to the statue gate on the upper site, where staff will be able to help you.

Parents and carers should look at the school website for further updates over the course of next week.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the parents & carers for all your messages of support and help in collecting the children so promptly! Well done to all the staff, who managed the situation so incredibly smoothly; and well done to the children, who behaved so sensibly throughout our evacuation. 

A special thank you goes to Mr Sharp, our amazing site manager, who detected the leak in the first place. He is truly the Hero of the Day!

Have a restful half term break!

School closure

URGENT Due to a confirmed gas leak, we are requesting parents to collect children ASAP. Parents will need to collected from the LOWER HALL.

Please DO NOT call the school unless it is an emergency as the phone lines are very busy.

All children are being kept safe in the lower building until they are collected. 

You must NOT park your car in the upper car parks.

There is no entry to the upper building so children cannot collect coats, packed lunches or belongings. Please bring a spare coat if you are able to. We will try to open the school between 9 and 11 on Saturday for parents to collect belongings.


A spam email has been sent out, appearing to be sent from our email account.

This email has NOT been sent by the school. It is very important that, if you receive a suspicious-looking email asking you to click a link to login, you DELETE it immediately and DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINK in the email. 

Regrettably, this has happened to a number of schools in Hertfordshire.

The Value of Hope

We have been thinking about Hope this month. 

We have been talking about how we can develop a positive mindset, and keep working towards positive goals!