For Your Information

REMINDER:  School will be closed on Friday 25th June (INSET Day) and Monday 28th June (Occasional Day)

Water Safety

Many of us will be enjoying some of the spectacular sights this country has to offer this summer when we enjoy a 'staycation'. Please remember that if you are heading to the coast, it is recommended you visit a Lifeguarded beach and always swim between the red & yellow beach flags. 

Did you know that many of the beaches supported by the RNLI offer free wristbands for children to help keep them safe around our beautiful coastline? These free 'snap wristbands' are available at lifeboat stations, lifeguard huts, Coastguard stations and RNLI shops all along the coast. You write your mobile number on the wristband and if a child becomes separated from the adults they are with, lifeguards on the beaches can simply call the number on the wristband and reunite them. This small assurance goes a long way for ensuring your child's safety on the beach. 

For more beach safety advice please visit

Our Year 6 children have been learning that the sea is not the only body of water that poses a potential danger. They have been learning how to stay safe in water and how to spot possible hazards which could cause accidents. We are lucky to have Fairlands Lakes in Stevenage and it is a popular place that many of us will visit over the summer holidays (weather permitting of course!). There are some great resources available online to help children understand the importance of water safety and tips to keep us all safe. Websites we recommend you talk through with your children are: 

We hope you enjoy a safe and fun time around water this summer!

The new Mayor visits Fairlands' Nursery!

This morning, we had the pleasure of welcoming the Mayor of Stevenage, Councillor Sandra Barr and her daughter the Mayoress, Louisa Barr to our Nursery. We were lucky enough to be the first school that the Mayor and Mayoress has visited since being appointed in their new roles. Our visitors commented on the children’s exemplary behaviour, we were so proud of our Nursery children. 

The children thoroughly enjoyed listening to a story chosen by the Mayor, ‘In a Minute Mum’. We were delighted when the Mayor gave us a copy of her favourite story, to share at Nursery!  

At Fairlands, we have used the catch up funding to invest in high quality picture books that the children have enjoyed sharing with their parents, at home. We have also invested in books with matching resources to promote a love of reading and promote language and vocabulary.  

During the pandemic, children engaged well with our remote learning offer but we understand the importance of children spending time with their peers to develop their communication and language skills and social interactions. Many of the children have benefitted from the additional small group interventions, since returning to school. Interventions included Early Talk Boost and Nuffield Early Language Intervention. The NELI programme helps children to make excellent progress, for some children this can be an additional 4+ months.  

Finally, we shared the creativity our staff team have shown throughout the pandemic and the first hand opportunities that have been planned for the children returning to school from hatching chicks to the Big School Camp, which will be taking place at the end of the Summer term. The Nursery children invited the Mayor and Mayoress to meet our chickens. The children explained so articulately how they have watched the eggs hatch into chicks, this will support their transition to Reception in September where they will continue to care for them. 

We would like to thank the Mayor and Mayoress for visiting and look forward to welcoming them to our school in July, for the school raffle!  

Our Value for June... Politeness!

We are focusing on politeness during the month of June. 

We will be talking about:

- Remembering to say please, thank you and excuse me.

- Showing good manners, especially when eating.

- Treating others respectfully, especially people who are older than you.

- Using the right language at the right time.

Thank you for our books celebrating diversity!

A huge thankyou to our parents, carers and members of the local community who have donated fantastic books, which celebrate diversity! These amazing books are giving our children an appreciation about their own cultural heritage as well as those of others, they help our children develop emotional intelligence and creativity and challenge gender stereotypes to help nurture growth and development.  

If you would like to contribute by donating a book, our wish list is still available on the amazon UK website! 

Our Value for May... Love!

Our Value for the month of May is... Love!

We will be trying to understand that love is:

…an intense feeling of deep affection

…spreading kindness around us

…caring for and giving to someone else

…choosing to be at your best when the other person is not at their best

We will talk about showing love to our family, our friends, our pets, to God... and to ourselves!

Our Value for April: Peace!

We will be thinking about the value of Peace throughout the month of April. 

We will be finding out about:

- living together peacefully

- being a peacemaker

- knowing how to have a peaceful mind

Today in assembly, we looked at a variety of pictures and tried work out what they told us about peace. 

We then created a set of 'Peace Rules' for the summer term, to help us work together peacefully at school.