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Half term fun!

Tuesday, 13 February 2024

Looking for fun activities to do with the children this half term?

Take a look at our leaflet with loads of great ideas which won't cost the Earth!

Half Term Events

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Shooting for the Stars!

In our topic lessons this half term, we have worked really hard on planning and making a collage of earth with a painted background. We also sculpted our own planets and painted them, they all turned out wonderful!

How to maintain a healthy circulatory system!

The end of half term brings an end to one of Willow Class' favourite topics so far! To conclude all of the brilliant learning that we have completed, we made our own leaflets all about how to maintain a healthy circulatory system. We spent time ensuring that our leaflets are informative and eye-catching.

Our Science Experiment!

We are learning about being healthy. In Fir class, we took part in an experiment to investigate if older children are always taller. We predicted that this was true. Some children measured each other with metre sticks and other children measured with cubes. We had to make sure it was a fair test when measuring! We found out that it doesn't matter how old you are, everyone is different. If you are six years old, you could be taller than a seven year old.

Delightful Dissection!

Yesterday, Year 6 celebrated the end of their 'Heartbeat' topic with an exciting pig heart dissection. They were able to see all their learning about the heart in the flesh and explore the four chambers through this dissection. The children were excellent scientists and they were able to describe each part of the heart in thorough detail which impressed all the adults, including Miss Free who came to visit!


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ADD-vance - Free On-Line Workshops for Parents

ADD-vance (The ADHD and Autism Trust) are running some really helpful on-line workshops after the half term break:

Chinese New Year Celebrations!

Last week in Nursery, we had lots of fun learning all about the Lunar New Year, and the Chinese traditions and customs of the festival. We learnt about the lucky colour red and why manadrin oranges and red envelopes are exchanged over the celebrations. In small groups, the children learnt how to make a dragon puppet - folding strips of card and using lollipop sticks. We listened to dragon dance music and banged on drums and cymbals's creating our very own dragon dance. A great way to welcome in the year of the dragon!

Clay creations!

During today's Art lesson, we were experimenting with clay. We manipulated the clay and moulded into the shape of a human heart before then adding detail such as the valves and the veins. It was a fantastic and engaging lesson and all children are proud of what they produced!

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Half term science activities

There is loads to do in and around Stevenage this half term including a Space rockets workshop in the Museum. This would follow nicely on after our space theme this term.