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Summertime Happiness!

Wednesday, 17 April 2024

This month, we will be talking about the value of Happiness!

We will be asking the children what makes them happy, and to think of ways to share happiness with others. 

What's on your list of things which makes you happy? :0)

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Netball News!

Our Year 5/6 Netball Team had a fantastic match today, winning against Knebworth 8-3. We demonstrated great play and teamwork and it was excellent to see how far the team have come! As you can see by their happy faces, they were very pleased with themselves and enjoyed celebrating with biscuits!

Talking about mental health!

We have kicked off our new half term with our new Jigsaw topic: relationships. Our first lesson focused on discussing mental health - we spoke about what this is, how we can imagine this as a set of scales and how some people may feel ashamed if they suffer from mental health problems. First, we looked at challenges and supports that could help balance our scales as we know that stresses and worries are a normal part of life. Then, we talked about what could happen if our scales aren't balances and our challenges become too much. We ended our lesson by sharing why we thought people shouldn't be ashamed of mental health problems and what we could do to support each other.

BIG news!

Oh no! We came back to school and found our digging patch was taped off. After further investigation, we found lots of bones in the digging patch.


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Amazing opportunity!

On Friday 26th April, we have a counsellor from Nessie coming in to school to talk to parents about supporting anxiety in children. They will be able to answer any questions and will have a specific focus on supporting children who are anxious about coming into school. This is an amazing opportunity to get some valuable advice from an organistaion who specialise in supporting positive mental health in children and young people. As you all know, referrals for agencies like Nessie are difficult to get and waitlists are incredibly long so sessions like these are highly sought after!

Easter activity morning 2

Our second Easter activity morning has been another successful few hours of fun and engaging activities! The children completed some quizzes and riddles before moving onto a board game. After a well-deserved break, they then had an incredible time completing some graffiti revision - the teachers wrote on our desks! We then went between all 3 classes to answer the questions in groups.

Easter activity morning 1

We have had a fantastic first Easter activity morning! We did a brilliant QR treasure hunt that kept us running around and cracking different problems. We then had a well-deserved break with some toast. We can't wait to continue the fun tomorrow!

Easter fun in Nursery

It has been a fun filled and busy end of term in Nursery. The children decorated 'nature eggs' in our outside area, collecting grass, sticks, daisies and leaves to decorate their eggs. They also made Easter cards, tearing yellow tissue paper to make their Easter chick. The children rounded off the term by working together to make Easter nest cakes, melting chocolate and mixing in rice crispies. Yummy!

Year 6

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Mr Tweeddell, Miss Brooker and Ms Hodgson

Easter Activity Morning

Dear Parent/Carer,

In order to ensure that your child is ready for their SATs tests in May, we will be holding two activity mornings over the Easter holidays. These will be held on Monday 8th April 2024 and Tuesday 9th April 2024 at school in the Year 2/3 building. These sessions will be run by the Year 6 teachers and they will run from 9am until 12pm. Lunch will not be provided but juice and a snack will be available. All children are invited and encouraged to join in, no matter what level they are working at.