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Taking responsibility for our own success!

Tuesday, 12 September 2023

This month, we are focusing on the value of responsibility. We believe that taking responsibility for our own success is essential for achieving our goals. Whether it's our reading, artwork, or math skills that need improvement, we are the only ones who can do the work to make it happen.

As an example, Mr. Staples is working hard to improve his handwriting, and he is slowly seeing results!

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Cursive Handwriting

As a school, we have been working really hard to improve our joined up handwriting. We have been having three handwriting sessions a week to focus on the formation of our letter and perfecting our letter joins. If you would like to practise more at home, please use these details to log on to the letter join website.


The blog for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Children's Wellbeing Practitioner Workshops (October-December 2023)

These on-line workshops are open to all young people & parents/carers of children and young people who attend a school or are registered to a GP in Hertfordshire. Click on the link below for more details and a link to book your place.

Exciting Explorations!

Welcome to our first Nursery blog of 2023-24! We are so proud of how well the children are settling into school, starting Nursery is a huge step in our children's lives and they are doing brilliantly at building strong relationships with the adults and getting to know the other children. This week the children have enjoyed exploring all the different resources we have in Nursery. On windy days we have particularly loved using our bubble board in the garden to blow huge bubbles!

Safari Stu

We had a lovely day today because Safari Stu came to school. He brought lots of amazing animals such as a lesser tenrec, hissing cockroaches and two pythons. Our favourite animal was the lesser tenrec. His name was Bob and he looks like a hedgehog. We found out that lesser tenrecs come from Madagascar and they live in the trees. We also loved the chameleon and the bright colours. Safari Stu told us that chameleons change colour depending on how hot they are and what they are feeling. We were all very proud as we all held or stroked the animals Sarafi Stu brought to show us, some of us even discovered a new favourite animal!

Year 5 spread kindness

The whole school participated in a kindness seminar this week and we were all encouraged to spread kindness by our actions. Pine class produced some beautiful cards for their friends, family and even teachers! I can definitely confirm that their efforts produced a great burst of happiness across the school.

Year 4 Home Learning

We have re-attached the homework now so it is easier to see. Sorry about that!