For Your Information
We have NURSERY PLACES AVAILABLE for September 2019. We offer up to 35 hours free nursery childcare. Click on 'Our School' then 'Admissions' for more details.

30 Days Wild!

This June, we are challenging ourselves to do something WILD every day! That’s 30 simple, fun and exciting Random Acts of Wildness!

The project is being run by The Wildlife Trust and the aim is to get children outside, experiencing wildlife and nature in exciting ways. 

Please ask your child what 'Wild Act' they have been doing each day... so far we have been bug-hunting; growing vegetables; sketching natural materials and even dancing in the rain!

Can you do something WILD at home?

Memory and Learning

Each term, we have a focus for improving our school. This term, we are thinking about 'Memory and Learning'.

Staff are thinking about what memory is; how our curriculum embeds concepts into long-term memory; and what teaching strategies impact most on memory. 

Pupils will be thinking about what helps them remember things, so they can recall learning from their short and long term memory at an age-appropriate level.

At home, why not try learning some mnemonics to help your child remember something?

Can you work out what these mnemonics help us remember?

> 'Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain'
> 'My Very Excited Mother Just Served Us Nine Pies'
> 'Not Every Cat Eats Sardines. Some Are Really Yummy'

Well done! We raised £522!

We raised a fantastic £522 for Comic Relief this year... thanks to all the children coming in with their red noses and red outfits!

As we talked about in assembly, this money goes to support Comic Relief in its mission of creating 'a just world, free from poverty'. 

Using social media respectfully!

We have been talking about how to use social media safely. Social media is anything where we communicate with other people using technology, whether it is a text message, email, or other social media platforms like Instagram (13 yrs) and Whatsapp (16 yrs) that you have to be older to use.

We have agreed that it is important to:

KEEP IT LIGHT: Zero dramas! Social media isn't the place for airing intensely personal information. Talk to someone on your Helping Hand, face to face, instead...

KEEP IT BRIGHT: Be smart, think before you click - what you post can never be deleted. Think about the consequences tomorrow, next week, and in ten years' time!

KEEP IT POLITE: Would you say that to somebody face to face? Would you be OK with your mum/dad seeing it? What about your headteacher? Or the police?

Please can you reinforce and model these messages with our children at home. 

Our Curriculum

We have been working as a staff team to undertake a full review of our curriculum. 

Thinking about the curriculum is not just being clear about 'what' children learn; it includes knowing 'why' we want children to learn things and 'how' we are going to deliver this in an exciting and inspiring way. 

We have pulled this together into one large framework to give us a clear overview. 

Please take a look at the full-sized document here!

The Value of Respect

During March, we are thinking about the importance of showing respect to each other, to our elders, and to people in positions of authority. 

We are also thinking about how to respectfully express our views when we disagree with someone.