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Admission Arrangements


Determined Admission Arrangements

All schools must have admission arrangements that clearly set out how children will be admitted, including the criteria that will be applied if there are more applications than places at the school.

Admission arrangements are determined by admitting authorities. Fairlands is an academy within The Claxton Trust, and the trust has delegated responsibilities for admissions to local govening body level, so the school is its own admitting authority. 

Admission arrangements are described as 'determined' when they are agreed and published by the admitting authority i.e. the governing body at Fairlands. 

Our determined admission arrangements are published below:

Determined Admission Arrangements for 2021/22

Determined Admission Arrangements for 2020/21

Determined Admission Arrangements for 2019/20

Determined Admission Arrangements for 2018/19

Determined Admission Arrangements for 2017/18



Consultation on proposed admission arrangements for 2020/21

We’re consulting on some changes to our admission arrangements. The consultation runs from 19 November 2018 to 6 January 2019. The final admission arrangements will be determined by 28th February 2019 and published by 15th March 2019.

Following advice issued by the DfE on 6 August 2018 all schools are strongly advised to consult on proposals to give second highest priority to “children previously looked after by the state abroad”.

As a result of this latest DfE advice, we're proposing the following changes to our admission arrangements for 2020/21: 

·         to amend the definition of “Rule 2 – exceptional social and medical reasons to attend a specific school” to include children previously looked after by the state abroad


You can look at the full Proposed Admission Arrangements for 2020/21 here. For clarity, all changes are highlighted in red. All other text is identical to our determined admission arrangements for 2019/20.


The timetable for consultation is as follows:

July - October 2018

Local governing body decides whether to consult on amending admission arrangements. Decisions are recorded in local governing body minutes.

12 November 2018

Own admitting authority schools to submit proposed admission arrangements for consultation to HCC.

19 November 2018 to

6 January 2019

Annual Admissions Consultation

-       published on school website

-       communicated directly to interested parties in our area; other admitting authorities including Hertfordshire County Council; adjoining neighbouring local authorities via HCC

By 28 February 2019

Admission arrangements must be determined by all admitting authorities. The decision must be made by the full governing body and recorded in the minutes of the meeting.

By 15 March 2019

All admission arrangements submitted to HCC for publication on their website and also published on the school website


To comment on or respond to the proposed admission arrangements 2020/21, contact the school directly Your responses will be taken into account by the school when determining their arrangements.