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Term Dates 2021 to 2022

Here are the current term and holiday dates that we have available.

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Term Dates
AUTUMN 1 2021 - Thursday 2nd September to Friday 22nd October
AUTUMN 2 2021 – Monday 1st November to Tuesday 21st December
SPRING 1 2022 - Thursday 6th January to Friday 11th February
SPRING 2 2022 - Tuesday 22nd February to Friday 1st April
SUMMER 1 2022 - Wednesday 20th April to Friday 27th May
SUMMER 2 2022 - Monday 6th June to Friday 22nd July
Inset Days
INSET DAY 1 – Wednesday 1st September 2021
INSET DAY 2 - Wednesday 5th January 2022
INSET DAY 3 – Monday 21st February 2022
INSET DAY 4 – Tuesday 19th April 2022
INSET DAY 5 – Friday 24th June 2022
OCCASIONAL DAY – Monday 27th June 2022

JUBILEE OCCASIONAL DAY - Tuesday 28th June 2022


Why is there an extra occasional day for the Queen's Jubilee?

In 2022, everyone in the UK is being given an additional bank holiday on Friday 3rd June 2022 to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee. As the official day falls in the May half term for most schools in Hertfordshire, those schools have been asked to identify an extra day during term time to 'make up' for this. 

Fairlands will be taking this extra day's holiday on Tuesday 28th June 2022. 

This is attached the normal 'long weekend' that we take in June, meaning that the school will be closed from Friday 24th June 2022 through to Tuesday 28th June 2022 inclusive, giving us a full 5 day weekend in the middle of the long summer term.