SAM Learning


Fairlands subscribes to SAM Learning, a top quality web-based service that has been proven to improve SATs levels through SATs practice and related work.

SAM Learning usually costs home users £99.99 per year, but our children have unrestricted use of this service totally free of charge.

If you have a computer with internet access at home, we hope you will allow it to be used to access this service. We also make arrangements for access in school, so that no-one is at a disadvantage.


To access the service at, children need three details:

Centre ID: SG1FP
User ID:

Date of birth followed by two initials; first name then last name.

Example: 010896DJ is the User ID for David Jones born 1st Aug 1996.


Initially same as User ID, learners are encouraged to change this to something difficult to guess or work out.


All our children who will be using the service will be shown at school how everything works – you may want to ask them to show you in turn, especially the area that reports on their progress and shows their marks!