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The Fairlands Logo

Our current logo shows the Fairlands tree, symbolising our commitment to growing great learners, securely rooted with strong values. 
The logo is the result of a journey of images since the 1950's!
The original logo when the school opened in 1951. This version was used for printed documents.

This is what the children had sewn onto their blazers in the 1950s - very smart!

The 'tree' was introduced when Mr Marks designed this new logo for the school in 1982:

For the next logo adopted by Fairlands, a year 6 girl called Ramanjit Kaur drew the original black and white drawing in the summer term of 1996.

...and a version was created for Fairlands' first website in 2002. 

The next school logo combined the shield from the original 1950s design, the trees from the 80s & 90s and an up-to-date look for the 2000's: