For Your Information

We are looking forward to seeing all children back at school on Thursday 3rd September!


For more information about each year group, please visit our 'New to Year...' web page.

For more information about the special arrangements for this September, please read our FAQs.

Thank you Fairlands!

Well! Here we are at the end of what has possibly been the most unusual academic year in the history of Fairlands!

I want to take this opportunity to say some enormous thank yous...

... to all the parents & carers, who have been so supportive through everything, including rising to the challenge of home learning!

... to all the staff, who have shown such commitment and resilience and kept going, and going and going!

... to all our governors, who have supported the headship team wonderfully and helped us make sense of the hundreds of pages of government guidance!

... and last but not least, to all the children, both those at home and those at school, who have followed loads of new rules without complaining, shown such positivity and kept big smiles on their faces the whole way!


Have a fantastic, safe summer. We can't wait to see everyone BACK TOGETHER again in September!