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The blog for Fairlands School Council, By the children, for the children!

Our Council is made up of two representatives from each class in Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2. Year 6 pupils are also nominated to represent the Foundation Stage on the Council.

We are here to help you get things done!

Creative Curriculum

By School Council, in School Council - Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Today our new School Council met for the first time and were given their official badges.

After introductions, we discussed our role in gathering the thouhgts and feelings of children from across the school, to ensure that their views are represented in the daily running of the school.

Our first task is to find out how children feel about our topic based curriculum. We agreed the following questions:

1. Should every topic start with writing down everything you know already, then any questions that you have about the topic?

2. Should topic display boards have a big letter title, pictures, children's work, vocabulary and questions?

3. Should WOW days always involve dressing up?

4. Can you go on trips as your WOW day?

5. When is it best to go on trips - beginning, middle or end of the topic?

6. How could we make WOW days more WOWIE?

Each class will now discuss the questions, then feedback to the year group representative by 10th October.

At the next School Council Meeting, each year group representative will feedback. We will decide how best to present our findings to the school in assembly the following week.

We hope to also find out the thouhgts of parents and carers with regards to our topic based curriculum.


School Council Meeting

By The School Council, in School Council - Friday, 1 December 2017

The School Council met today, our first order of business was to tally the votes on the democratic vote on which activity our Sports Leaders should organise for their whole school event. The winning activity was the bleep test competition which will happen sometime next term. We then spoke about the congestion of cars at the end of the school day which parents have identified as a concern. They voted unanimously for the whole school to take part in the WOW Walk to school challenge, where children who walk to school at least once per week will receive a monthly badge, with 11 to collect. Last year, participating schools saw 30% fewer cars coming to school than before the challenge. Finally, we posed a question about our British Value of The Rule of Law for the children to discuss and debate in their classes. We asked them to consider how they would feel if Mr Staples announced that there would be no more rules at school. Each class will debate the effects of rules in the school and how they are similar to the laws we follow every day. 

No smoking signs

By The School Council, in School Council - Wednesday, 1 November 2017

We met today and put some of the posters the children had designed around the school gates. Council regulations mean that we are only able to display the notices within school property rather than facing the alley way. Please remember to avoid smoking there so that we have a clean air enviroment on our way to and from school. Thank you.

Please have your say.

By School council, in School Council - Friday, 20 October 2017

Thank you to everyone who filled out the paper version of the Ofsted questionnaire at the parent/carer consultations this week. Currently we only have seven online responses and we need more! It has the same 12 questions as the paper version and should only take a couple of minutes to register and complete. Please follow the link, even if you have completed the paper copy for us!



Have your say!

By School Council, in School Council - Tuesday, 17 October 2017

There are a number of ways for you to have your say at Parent/Carers Consultations.

You can speak to your child's teacher and deputy head teacher

You will have the opportunity to vote on what we spend some of the money we raised at the Summer Fete.

You can make School Council focus suggestions.

You can also complete the OFSTED parent view questionnaire. We will have paper copies for you to use or you can follow the link to register, then search for Fairlands Primary School, Pound Avenue and answer the 12 brief questions about our school.