For Your Information
The summer holidays will finally be here at 215pm on Tuesday 23rd July and hopefully the sun will make an extended appearance too!
There are lots of things available to families throughout the summer and we have displayed this information on the noticeboards in the alleyway between the main gates to both sites. We have listed activities to do, cheap or free places for children to eat and information about courses happening for families supporting children with additional needs. Don't forget to take a photo when you are collecting your child at the end of the day!
We are aware that the holidays are not always easy as normal routine and everyday life is suddenly changed (and that's for children too, not just us adults!). If you are finding it challenging, then please visit our website page which lists the support agencies available: Signposts to support home adults
We hope you all have an enjoyable break and can't wait to see you back on Wednesday 4th September for another exciting year ahead!
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School Blog

Year 4

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Miss Shields, Mrs Herron and Miss Mead

Amazing Attendance

By Mrs Herron - Laburnum , in Year 4 - Friday, 21 October 2022

Well, Laburnum, you did it! Six certificates in six weeks for amazing attendance in year 4. Well done! We have been working extremely hard this half term to improve our attendance as a whole school, as we link the importance of good attendance with success in our learning. Not only does this show in the certificates we have received, it also shows in the fantastic work we have produced. Every day in Laburnum, we have rewarded ourselves with 5 minutes of choice time if every pupil has been in class, and we have encouraged each other when we've seen our friends feeling a bit down in the dumps. Thank you to all our parents and carers for helping to encourage your child to arrive to school on time every day. It is having a huge positive impact on their school experience. Have a wonderful half term break, Laburnum Class, ready for new challenges next half term!

Roman Wow Day!

By Miss Newman, in Year 4 - Wednesday, 5 October 2022

We have had an amazing Wow Day today, starting off with a trip to Stevenage Museum where we got to dress up like Romans, investigate Roman artefacts and find out lots of more interesting facts about how the Romans lived. When we came back to school we made our own Mosaic art. We had a mixture of sheids, swords and mythical creatures. This took a look of patience and determination and we were really pleased with the end result. 

Romans Rule!

By Mrs Herron, in Year 4 - Wednesday, 5 October 2022

This half term we have been finding out how the Romans tried to rule the world. They trained thousands of boys and men to be in armies that marched all across Europe, invading, settling and enforcing their beliefs. The children in Laburnum have also been very busy at home, creating shields, helmets, fact sheets and even a replica of the Colosseum! We have found out lots of interesting information. Did you know that the Romans invented central heating and built many roads? They also liked to visit bath houses together and had some very strange implements to clean themselves with! Today we also had the opportunity to visit Stevenage Museum and investigate Roman artefacts, clothes and writing. Ask us about the most interesting thing we have found out so far. 

Times tables!

By Miss Mead, Mrs Herron and Miss Newman, in Year 4 - Tuesday, 27 September 2022

Good afternoon!


It is so important we are learning our times tables in Year 4. Lots of children have been using TTrockstars which is amazing. Another great website we have found is

This is a really helpful website with different activities for children to try to help them with their times tables knowledge. The children have had a look at some of the activities during Fluency sessions and should recognise the website!