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Our School SEND at Fairlands

How we support SEND pupils at Fairlands

It is expected that pupils with identified SEND make good progress with the correct provision and the school’s approach to ‘Great Teaching’. All pupils will have their needs met through Quality First Teaching including target group teaching, reasonable adjustment and adaptive teaching, providing the opportunity for every pupil to experience success. If a child does not make expected progress and/or requires further support, they will be in receipt of SEN support and have a Personalised Learning Plan. 

Our aims are to identify pupils with special educational needs and to ensure that appropriate provision is in place, through: 

  • early identification and relevant support using our school provision map
  • planning and working alongside parents and carers, drawing on their unique knowledge and expertise in relation to their child
  • taking into consideration the views and feelings of the child through carrying out pupil voice activities
  • working effectively with outside agencies when required
  • regular reviews of needs and provision

There is a wide range of adjustments made to support pupils at Fairlands and we are happy to talk through any of them with you at any time. Examples include (but not restricted to!):

  • sensory/movement breaks
  • access to a quiet space
  • visual timers
  • now and next boards
  • individual timelines
  • personalised timetables
  • individual workstations
  • a ‘soft start’ to the day
  • pastoral support
  • positive moments books
  • reduced timetables
  • adapted entrances and exit

Each curriculum subject has a detailed guide describing each area of need, barriers to learning, provision adaptations and key points to adaptive teaching. This is used by teachers to identify steps to support pupils and ensure they can achieve success across the curriculum.

For a small number of pupils, it is necessary to introduce a further plan alongside their Personalised Learning Plan (PLP) to support their successful access to school life. This will be produced with home adults, the pupil’s class teacher and the SENDCo and will be regularly reviewed.

Pupil plans 

Parent guides explaining these plans can be found by clicking on the links below: