For Your Information
The summer holidays will finally be here at 215pm on Tuesday 23rd July and hopefully the sun will make an extended appearance too!
There are lots of things available to families throughout the summer and we have displayed this information on the noticeboards in the alleyway between the main gates to both sites. We have listed activities to do, cheap or free places for children to eat and information about courses happening for families supporting children with additional needs. Don't forget to take a photo when you are collecting your child at the end of the day!
We are aware that the holidays are not always easy as normal routine and everyday life is suddenly changed (and that's for children too, not just us adults!). If you are finding it challenging, then please visit our website page which lists the support agencies available: Signposts to support home adults
We hope you all have an enjoyable break and can't wait to see you back on Wednesday 4th September for another exciting year ahead!
School Blog Year 1

School Blog

Year 1

The blog for Cherry, Chestnut & Cedar
Mr Barnett, Ms Antrobus and Mrs Wrangles


By Chestnut Class, in Year 1 - Monday, 30 January 2023

We had an exciting time today. We saw a news article about dragons possibly being in the area! We became detectives and went outside to find clues to see if there had been a dragon at Fairlands. There were lots of things to see including footprints, cracks but most excitingly a dragon egg! We are looking forward to seeing what happens next.

Numbots Day!

By Cherry Class, in Year 1 - Friday, 27 January 2023

Wow!! We had a brilliant day dressing up and playing games for our Numbots day today.  We made our own maths bead strings, creating groups of 5, and played maths games inside and outside.  We learnt how to use the Numbots website and now our Numbots logins are in the front of our reading records.  We can’t wait ask our family to log in at home so we can show off our maths skills. J

Numbots Day

By Chestnut Class, in Year 1 - Friday, 27 January 2023

We had a super Numbots day today! We completed loads of fun maths activities throughout the day. We started by creating our own beadstring, each with 20 beads in 5s. We are super excited as we can use these during our maths lessons to help with our learning.

We also played some board games including snakes and ladders. Afterwards we went outside and completed a variety of maths based games, we really enjoyed including maths into our games. 

Finally, this afternoon, we all logged onto our Numbots account and started to earn lots of stars and coins for our robots. We have really enjoyed doing this and hope we can gain enough to modify our robots soon!

The logins are stuck at the front of the reading records and there is a letter explaining how to log on. Hope you enjoy your Numbots games!

Numbots Day

By Cedar Class, in Year 1 - Friday, 27 January 2023

Cedar Class had an amazing day today. We dressed up as robots and all found out how to log on to Numbots. The children thought the games were great and had a competition who could reach level 5 first.

We also made our own bead strings to help us with our adding and subtraction in class and had a number of outdoor activities that made us use our fluency facts to solve practical problems. 

Happy Chinese New Year

By Cherry Class, in Year 1 - Friday, 20 January 2023

Year 1 have been learning all about Chinese New Year, a major holiday in China and for Chinese communities throughout the world. Cherry Class looked at a map to find China and talked about different features of the environment and how people live in China.  They also found out that the starting date of the Chinese New Year is not the same each year. It begins in late January or early February and this year is the Year of the Rabbit.  We had a fun day making paper lanterns, dragons, dancing and colouring.  We even got active learning yoga positions for each animal in the Chinese zodiac.

Monday 12th Snowy Activities

By Year 1, in Year 1 - Monday, 12 December 2022

Good morning Year 1,

We hope you are staying warm and enjoying the snow outside. Make sure you stay safe and have a great time today!

Here are some activities you could do today;

  • Can you design a snow sculpture and then build it?

As a challenge, once you are finished, can you write instructions on how you built it. Remember our time adverbials, first, next, then and last.

  • Go on a winter walk. Can you find any animal prints in the snow? Can you identify the animal?
  • Help with wrapping presents! Once they are wrapped, can you sort them by their 3D shape?

Here is a video you can watch that includes some important 3D shapes; 3D shape video - Search (

You could also look at which presents are a cube and which ones are a cuboid.

We are looking forward to hearing all about your day tomorrow!

Year 1 Team

We Love Reading

By Cherry Class, in Year 1 - Friday, 11 November 2022

We went on our first Year 1 trip this week and walked to the library.  We really enjoyed choosing our books and listening to the librarian read us a story.  We learnt all about the different types of books at the library, including non-fiction books which are about real things.  We had a good look around and many of us were able to borrow books to take home.

Library Visit

By Chestnut Class, in Year 1 - Monday, 7 November 2022

Today Chestnut Class visited the library. When we arrived, we listened to a funny story called 'Sam's Sandwich'.

The librarian told us all about the library and how it is free for anybody to sign up and borrow up to 30 books at a time! We were shown lots of the amazing books they have including some story books that we recognise and some non-fiction books that link to our topic. We then had time to explore the library and we all found at least one book that interested us.

To finish our visit, we were read another story called 'Rain Before Rainbows'. We really enjoyed our trip to the library today!

Let's Celebrate Diwali

By Cherry Class, in Year 1 - Friday, 4 November 2022

Year 1 received a visit from one of our parents this week to help us celebrate Diwali.  Cherry class enjoyed learning how to Bollywood dance and listened to a wonderful story.  They also made diya lights, mendhi hand designs and decorated the outdoor area with welcoming rangoli patterns.

Drama4All Workshop

By Chestnut Class, in Year 1 - Friday, 4 November 2022

This morning we had a super workshop by Drama4All. We spent time acting and moving in different ways. Our favourite part was playing games, we had lots of fun!