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Miss Kavanagh, Mrs Fleck and Mrs Waldrom

Science Day!

By Nursery, in Nursery - Monday, 17 June 2024

Last Friday was Science Day in Nursery. We began the day in the school hall with a special STEM ambassador guest speaker called Ethan. He talked to us about the ways we can look after our planet and we shared what we had learnt when reading 'Greta and the Giants', a story about climate change. In Nursery, we found out about Daniella Dos Santos, a British Veterinary Scientist and her role looking after pets and other animals. We had fun pretending to be vets ourselves and we took turns to care for the animals. We also thought about our own bodies and all the special jobs it does, creating a class poster together. The children showed curiousity and enquiry skills throughout Science Day, well done Nursery! 

The Bug Hotel!

By Nursery, in Nursery - Friday, 10 May 2024

It has been a bug-tastic week in Nursery! The children visited the bug hotel in our outdoor area, and thought about what the mini-beasts living nearby might like in their home. They collected sticks, leaves, soil, pine-cones and grass to add to the mini-beast's habitat - not forgetting lots of minibeasts to introduce to their new and improved home! The children showed curiosity and kindness this week, well done Nursery!

Easter fun in Nursery

By Nursery, in Nursery - Thursday, 28 March 2024

It has been a fun filled and busy end of term in Nursery. The children decorated 'nature eggs' in our outside area, collecting grass, sticks, daisies and leaves to decorate their eggs. They also made Easter cards, tearing yellow tissue paper to make their Easter chick. The children rounded off the term by working together to make Easter nest cakes, melting chocolate and mixing in rice crispies. Yummy!

Ramadan Wow Day

By Nursery, in Nursery - Wednesday, 27 March 2024

Yesterday we had a lovely day in Nursery learning about Ramadan and Eid. We were very lucky to have two parents and one of our lunchtime supervisors come in to talk to the children about what our Muslim families do during Ramadan and how they celebrate Eid. We learned:

  • That Ramadan lasts a month and starts with a new moon. We looked at cycles of the moon and enjoyed trying to recreate them with jaffa cakes!
  • During Ramadan, Muslim adults and older children don't eat or drink between sunrise and sunset to help them understand how people who don't have enough food must feel and to be grateful for the food they have. We learned that Muslim people often break their fast by eating dates, and tried some ourselves!
  • Muslim people think a lot about how to do good deeds during Ramadan. We thought about ways that we could be kind to our friends and other people.
  • At the end of Ramadan is the celebration of Eid al-Fitr where Muslim families come together to celebrate, wear special clothes, eat lots of lovely food and give each other presents.

Ramadan Mubarak to all our families celebrating!

World Book Day!

By Nursery, in Nursery - Friday, 8 March 2024

Nursery had a fantastic day celebrating World Book day yesterday! This week our NELI story is 'How to look after your dinosaur'. We spent the day completing activities to look after the dinosaurs in Nursery. We started by chopping a variety of fruits and vegetables to make a healthy breakfast. Then, we completed a dinosaur themed obstacle course (to stay fit and healthy of course). We also used bubbly water to clean the dinosaurs after they spent the morning stomping in mud! Thank you to all who joined us and dressed up as their favourite book characters, the children thoroughly enjoyed telling us about their character and what they liked most about their favourite story. 

Chinese New Year Celebrations!

By Nursery, in Nursery - Wednesday, 14 February 2024

Last week in Nursery, we had lots of fun learning all about the Lunar New Year, and the Chinese traditions and customs of the festival. We learnt about the lucky colour red and why manadrin oranges and red envelopes are exchanged over the celebrations. In small groups, the children learnt how to make a dragon puppet - folding strips of card and using lollipop sticks. We listened to dragon dance music and banged on drums and cymbals's creating our very own dragon dance. A great way to welcome in the year of the dragon!

Super Sharing

By Nursery, in Nursery - Wednesday, 7 February 2024

This week in Nursery we have been practising sharing fairly. We read the story 'The Last Marshmallow' by Grace Lin, which is about what two children did when they had three marshmallows to share. Then we practised sharing gem 'sweets' out, saying "One for you, one for me." We talked about what we could do if there is one left over. The children's ideas included:

  • break it in half and share it
  • put that one away
  • get another one
  • give that one to your teacher!

What fantastic ideas! This would be a brilliant thing to practise at home. The sign for 'fair' that we used to support this learning can be found here: and we used the third sign along!

Pyjama Day!

By Nursery, in Nursery - Wednesday, 31 January 2024

The children had so much fun during Pyjama Day in Nursery! We started the week by reading the story, 'Pip and Posy. The Bedtime Frog' and we enjoyed role playing the story in our home corner. We talked about any toys or bedtime routines that are important to our children and we enjoyed a delicious hot chocolate treat to finish the week during circle time!

Jam on Toast!

By Nursery, in Nursery - Friday, 12 January 2024

This week in Nursery, we have revisited one of our favourite stories, "Where's Lenny?" We retold the story using pictures and actions, and then we acted out parts of the story, including making our very own jam on toast! The children did a great job at carefully spreading the butter and scooping out the sweet smelling jam. Finally, they cut the toast into two equal parts and enjoyed sharing a yummy snack with a friend.

Pattern Spotters!

By Nursery, in Nursery - Wednesday, 10 January 2024

This week in Nursery we have been learning about repeating patterns. We have practised making our own patterns using a variety of resources around the classroom, including with unifix cubes, magnetic tiles, natural resources and even with dance moves! For a little extra challenge we have also been trying to spot mistakes in patterns that our teachers have made, they couldn't trick us!