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Family Lives Summer Term Programme

By Family Support Worker , in SEND SUPPORT - Thursday, 16 May 2024

Family Lives are delivering 4 Online parenting groups and 2 online workshops (via MS Teams), funded by Herts County Council, in the Summer term for targeted parents/carers who live in Hertfordshire or who have a child attending a Hertfordshire school.


All our programmes provide support, information and resources to parents/carers and adult family members so they can help their child reach their full potential.


Bringing Up Confident ADHD/ASD Children (6 weeks)  - New dates to be confirmed.

A programme to help parents gain a comprehensive understanding of ADHD/ASD and learn strategies to improve life at home and at school


Sorting Out Family Arguments (6 weeks) - Thursday 23 May to 4 July from 7pm to 9pm online Via MS Teams

A programme aimed at helping sort out arguments between parents and their children and between brothers and sisters


Less Shouting, More Cooperation (6 weeks) - Monday 3 June to 8 July 9.30am to 11.30am online via MS Teams

A programme to help parents be more effective at getting their children to cooperate and listen to them


Getting on with Your Pre Teen/Teenager (6 weeks) - Tuesday 4 June to 9 July 7pm to 9pm online via MS Teams

A course to help parents understand and get on better with their teenage children, maybe there is an FFA/CIN/CP in place, and need more support.


Anxiety around ADHD Workshop – Friday 28th June 9.30 – 11.30


Reducing Conflict Workshop – Thursday 11th July 7pm – 9pm

Mental Health Awareness week

By Mental health Lead, in SEND SUPPORT - Monday, 13 May 2024

This week is Mental Health awareness week and the focus is on 'movement for mental health'. There are lots of ways we enjoy movement at Fairland; dancing to music, playing at lunch time and taking on physical challenges. We will be talking this week about how doing more of what we enjoy makes us feel good. 

Why not think of ways you can be active as a family? Even better if you can get active outdoors! 


Here are some links to more information and inspirational stories about movement for your mental health:

ADHD and Autism support

By Mrs Jeffries, in SEND SUPPORT - Monday, 29 April 2024

The Toolbox from Mindler is a dedicated webpage specifically focussing on ADHD and Autism support for children and young people.  The Toolbox offers inspirational content, workshops, self-help tools, interactive livestreams, anonymous text chat service (to ask any questions they may have about Neurodiversity) and lots of other resources and information.  It also serves as a guide, signposting users to alternative services and accessible interventions within Hertfordshire. 

The toolbox will be hosting a Livestream on 29th May where the team play popular video games and answer all questions related to Neurodiversity.



Amazing opportunity!

By Mrs Jeffries, in SEND SUPPORT - Tuesday, 16 April 2024

On Friday 26th April, we have a counsellor from Nessie coming in to school to talk to parents about supporting anxiety in children. They will be able to answer any questions and will have a specific focus on supporting children who are anxious about coming into school. This is an amazing opportunity to get some valuable advice from an organistaion who specialise in supporting positive mental health in children and young people. As you all know, referrals for agencies like Nessie are difficult to get and waitlists are incredibly long so sessions like these are highly sought after!

It will take place in the family room on the lower site. We will be starting at 850am for our regular coffee session so feel free to come in after you've done the drop off to offload and then the Nessie counsellor will start at around 930am, finishing at 1030am.

We hope to see lots of you there!

Free course

By Mrs Jeffries, in SEND SUPPORT - Wednesday, 27 March 2024

Family lives are running a FREE 6 week online group called 'Bringing up confident ADHD/Autistic children.' It runs from Wednesday15th May to 26th June from 7pm until 9pm.

Your child does not need to have a diagnosis for you to attend. You will receive support from other parents and gain a comprehensive understanding of Autism and ADHD and learn strategies to improve life at home and at school.

You can complete an online referral to join or you can email or call 0204 522 8700 0r 0204 522 8701.

If you wishing to pursue a diagnosis for either ADHD or Autism, we can help and complete paperwork however referrals are only currently being accepted if there is evidence of parents accessing courses like this one. Please let us know if you need any help.

Handling anger in the family - FREE 6 week on-line course

By Julie Dunthorne, in SEND SUPPORT - Tuesday, 19 March 2024

Families in Focus, a Hertfordshire-based community interest company, which provides training information and therapeutic and emotional support to parents, are running a FREE 6 Week 'Handling anger in the family' (with primary aged children) on-line course for parents living in Hertfordshire.  The course is held via ZOOM (free downloadable app)

This CANparent quality mark course is for parents of primary aged children, and provides practical and proven techniques to reduce angry meltdowns in your family. The very popular, effective and award winning course offers:

  • Gain greater understanding of how anger and other emotions live in your family
  • Increase your understanding of triggers that cause angry outbursts
  • Learn healthy anger management strategies for children & parents to reduce angry outbursts
  • Discover creative ways to support children to ‘let go’ of anger safely
  • Gain effective empathic communication techniques to reduce angry outbursts
  • Meet and share experiences with other parents living in a similar family to your own
  • How to raise confident & resilient children
  • Helpful handouts each week

The course will run Monday evenings - 6.30-8.30pm - April 15th, 22nd, 29th and May 13th and 20th

Parents need to attend all sessions and live in Hertfordshire

To book your place email:

Tips and Tools to Manage Anxiety

By Julie Jeffries, in SEND SUPPORT - Thursday, 7 March 2024

At our last SEN coffee session, we talked about online courses run by Add-vance (The ADHD and Autism trust) which are available to support families.  Some parents shared that they would enjoy doing this course together as a group.
There is a session on Wednesday 13th March 7pm until 830pm called 'Tips and Tools to manage anxiety.' Your child does not need to be on the SEN register for you to attend this.
We can show this in the school hall and access it together as a group if there is an interest to do so. We can then share our own thoughts as a group on the evening. 
Please email me at if you would like to attend and we can confirm if there are enough numbers to go ahead.
We will be able to provide refreshments but no creche facilities.

ADD-vance - Free On-Line Workshops for Parents

By Julie Dunthorne, in SEND SUPPORT - Wednesday, 14 February 2024

ADD-vance (The ADHD and Autism Trust) are running some really helpful on-line workshops after the half term break:

26th February - Supporting Emotional Development

4th March - Encouraging Positive Behaviour

13th March - Managing Anxiety 

For more details, and how to book your place, click here and scroll down to FREE On-line Workshops for Parents and Carers and click on the 'spring 2024 workshop poster' hyperlink.

Children's mental health week 2024

By Mental Health lead, in SEND SUPPORT - Monday, 5 February 2024

Children's mental health week 5th-11th February 

This year's theme is:

"Our voice matters" 

At Fairlands, we weill be discussing why it is important that we share our views, opinions and needs with others and how we can support those that share with us. 

We will be thinking about positive things we share with our voices; things we are proud of and grateful for. 

Why not use the link below and click 'Take part at home' to access some wonderful resources that can support you in sharing your voices at home.

The supporting families leaflet can also be accessed via the attachment on this blog post. 

Talking Families - How to deal with family life

By Julie Dunthorne, in SEND SUPPORT - Wednesday, 24 January 2024

Supporting Links are running 6, weekly on-line sessions for parents/carers of children aged 0-12 sharing tips on how to:

Manage challenging behaviour with consistency

Encourage positive behaviour

Build your child's self esteem

Set and maintain boundaries

Respond to tantrums and difficult feelings in children

Develop a strong parent/child relationship now and for the future.

See attached flier for details of how to book.