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Reading Breakfast

By The Literacy Team, in English - Tuesday, 25 October 2022

Every Thursday, Mrs Sembi and Mrs Edwards will be hosting a reading breakfast, in the lower hall, from 8.30am. There are copies of the phonics, paper-based books and iPads to access the e-library. Mrs Sembi and Mrs Edwards will be available to support you to login to library. 

We ask that all children on the 'Little Wandle' phonics programme read with an adult, once weekly. The fourth reading session is to celebrate fluency and grow confident, rapid readers! 

Over the next half term, we will be working hard to increase the book stock available. This will enable us to send home a phonics, paper-based book. We have been using the Little Wandle matching tool to match other reading schemes to the Little Wandle programme, purchasing some new books and we have set up an Amazon wishlist: