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Year one Little Wandle parent workshop

By Mrs Sembi, in English - Thursday, 3 November 2022

Thank you to the Year One parents who came along to the Phonics workshop this afternoon. We really appreciate your help and support to promote a love of reading. Thank you for contributing your child's favourite book to the word cloud, we have shared your wonderful ideas! 

Some key messages from the workshop were:

- Continue to share your children's favourite stories, modelling how to read with expression and talking about the vocabualary you encounter

- Your child will read 3x times weekly, with a trained member of staff. Celebrate your child's reading on the 4th read of the week, at home or at the weekly reading breakfast 

- Reading has an impact on future success

- Comprehension skills and word reading skills combined result in a confident fluent reader 

- Your child will take part in daily phonics, 3x weekly reading practise sessions and keep up sessions, if required 

We are here to help... Please come and see your child's class teacher if you have any questions.