For Your Information
The summer holidays will finally be here at 215pm on Tuesday 23rd July and hopefully the sun will make an extended appearance too!
There are lots of things available to families throughout the summer and we have displayed this information on the noticeboards in the alleyway between the main gates to both sites. We have listed activities to do, cheap or free places for children to eat and information about courses happening for families supporting children with additional needs. Don't forget to take a photo when you are collecting your child at the end of the day!
We are aware that the holidays are not always easy as normal routine and everyday life is suddenly changed (and that's for children too, not just us adults!). If you are finding it challenging, then please visit our website page which lists the support agencies available: Signposts to support home adults
We hope you all have an enjoyable break and can't wait to see you back on Wednesday 4th September for another exciting year ahead!
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Parent Forum Discussion Groups

By EDI Team, in Equalities, Diversity & Inclusion - Thursday, 16 March 2023

At Fairlands, we are constantly striving to learn more and gain a deeper understanding of the diversity of our school and are committed to working to ensure that all our pupils, and their families, feel included and accepted in our school community. 

The Equalities Act (2010) outlines protected characteristics and states that no-one should face discrimination because of: Race, Religion, Sex, Gender, Age, Disabilities, Sexual Orientation, Pregnancy or Maternity, Marriage or Civil Partnership

We are already addressing many aspects through our robust programmes of Values Education, Jigsaw sessions and the No Outsiders activities, with a view to implementing and establishing an unwavering ethos of inclusion, acceptance and understanding of different groups of people. However, there is still work to be done on understanding the views of different groups of people and what we can do better to help them to feel included and accepted.

Our next step is to further tackle instances of racism. Our aims are to understand the historical nature, emotions and impacts these incidences have; to discuss the use of language for different races; to broaden our strategies for inclusion for all.  Over the next few months, we will be asking pupils, parents and staff to engage in discussions to determine what they feel is good about Fairlands, in relation to equality, diversity and inclusion, and what they feel we could do better at.  These need to be candid conversations so there is no ambiguity and we can move forward positively to improve everyone’s experiences with us.  We will be inviting parents and carers in for discussion in focussed groups to begin with, and then holding open group discussions.

For our first focus group, we would like to invite parents and carers for whom their ethnicity, or that of their child is: Black British; Black African; Black Caribbean; or Mixed White and Black African/Caribbean.

The session will be on Monday 27th March at 2pm in the Upper Hall and will be with Mrs Herron and Miss Brooker.

We are looking forward to seeing you there and to working with you to eliminate racism at Fairlands.

Thank you for your support.