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Our Council is made up of two representatives from each class in Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2. Year 6 pupils are also nominated to represent the Foundation Stage on the Council.

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New Year, New Reps!

By Miss Pollen, in School Council - Sunday, 2 October 2022

This year, we have decided to expand our school council to gain a greater understanding of the views of children across our school. We now have one representative per class from Reception to Year 6. Congratulations to the following children for being elected by their class mates!

Ash – Jimmy

Birch – Yvie

Beech – Holly

Cherry - Martin

Chestnut - Cece

Cedar - Ivy

Fir - Maxx

Elder - Aaron

Elm - India

Holly - Nannie

Hazel - Jagoda

Hornbeam - George

Lime - Riley

Larch - Gabi

Laburnum - Chloe

Pine - Millie

Spruce - Trixi

Poplar - Hridaan

Willow - Ruby

Walnut - Millie

Whitebeam - Antonia

The children have already been given some topics to gather opinions and ideas on and our first official meeting together will take place this week.