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Our Council is made up of two representatives from each class in Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2. Year 6 pupils are also nominated to represent the Foundation Stage on the Council.

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Our First Meeting

By Miss Pollen and Mrs Toll, in School Council - Saturday, 8 October 2022

The school council met on Thursday and discussed the responses from each class about the following questions:
How can we reduce energy costs as a school?

How can we encourage and support children in attending school every day?  

Their responses are collated in the attached document for you read - I think you will agree that the children came up with some fantastic ideas. This document has been sent to all teachers across the school so that they can read and act upon the children's suggestions accordingly. The school council will meet again in two weeks to talk about how we can implement the children's suggestions in practical ways across the whole school.

And finally, I must apologise for the typo in last week's blog - 'Nannie' was supposed to read 'Nancie'! Sorry Nancie!