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Our Council is made up of two representatives from each class in Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2. Year 6 pupils are also nominated to represent the Foundation Stage on the Council.

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Stevenage Schools Parliament

By School council, in School Council - Tuesday, 21 February 2023

Fairlands school council were invited to take part in the Stevenage schools Parliament at Danstrete House. Our year 6 representatives got to sit in the council chambers and put forward our ideas to improve life in Stevenage. 

Each school was given time to share their ideas and thoughts on how they could be achieved. Our initiatives focused on the environment, we suggested that the community comes together to litter pick and plant trees to make Stevenage cleaner and greener. We also shared our concern for the homeless community and suggested ways in which money could be raised to provide a space available 24/7 for those without a home to go. 

Many of the other schools also shared concerns about the local environment and the feeling of belonging in Stevenage so we worked together to create one action plan. The chair of the Stevenage Education Trust is going to propose our ideas to the chair so next time we can work on a way to create a big 'get together' where children feel safe and can join in with a community project. We're really excited for it already! 

"This was a once in a lifetime opportunity! I was nervous and overwhelmed but it was exciting to share my ideas and know everyone was considering them." - A

"I hope our vision comes to life and can be shared amongst the Stevenage community." - R

"Everyone's ideas were great and we were all happy with our final decisions and next steps." - M