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Year 5

The blog for Pine, Poplar & Spruce, Mr Holgate, Mrs Jeffries, Mrs Marlow & Mrs Southam

This week's spellings in Year 5

By Year 5 team, in Year 5 - Friday, 18 October 2019

We are impressed with the effort from lots of you with learning your spellings for your weekly test - keep up the fantastic work! This week's words are (new spellings in bold):


Group 1 spellings (Mrs Jeffries):

push pull are most both who clothes cold whole hold everypeoplegreatbreakfind

behind grass again hour half


Group 2 spellings (Mrs Southam and Mrs Bainbridge):

imagine increase illegal irreversible immediately interest experienced remembering occupier busier interfereinterruptanticlockwiseantisocialinternational

accident accidentally actual actually address


Group 3 spellings (Mr Holgate):

imagine increase illegal irreversible immediately accommodate accompany according achieve aggressive amateur ancient apparent appreciate attached

available average awkward bargain bruise