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Poetic Pomegranate

By Whitebeam , in Year 6 - Wednesday, 9 October 2019

This week in Guided Reading, Whitebeam class have been reading the poem ‘How to cut a pomegranate’ by Imtiaz Dharker. Today, we used real pomegranates to bring meaning to the poem. By seeing the fruit being cut open and by studying the seeds inside, which the poet refers to as jewels, we were able to deepen our comprehension.

The poem says: “Separate one crystal. Hold it up to catch the light. Inside is a whole universe.” We held up our seeds and observed that the crimson fruit was luminous in the sunlight.

At the end, we got to eat the delicious seeds! We all loved them.

Later in the week, we will be trying to memorise the poem. Why don't you ask us to try and recite it at home?